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My mom giving me a bath in the kitchen sink.

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Caught by the beauty of a woman.

By Todd L. York
© Copyright 2010

Verse 1:
There’s no problem if ones dead
But I’m alive; I turned my head.
One look into Josie’s blue jean eyes
Sealed my demise!

Verse 2:
I stumbled and fell when she smiled
My heart was beating oh so wild
Transfixed by Josie’s blue jean eyes
Too late to realize!

This is Josie with the blue jean eyes
This is Josie; she can hypnotized
Her eyes draw me; holding me closely
This is Josie with the blue jean eyes!

Verse 3:
I could say I ran to hide
But if you saw her you’d know I lied
For this is Josie with the blue jean eyes!
You wouldn’t be surprised!

How did I get here? What did I do?
Why am I feeling dizzy? Who are you?

Video 22 May

This is a song about fishing -but it’s not really. Adult

Drowning In Her Kissing
By Todd L. York ©Copyright 2013

Vs. 1:

I was biding my time; watching my line, determined in the wait

Had hook and a sinker, a bobber and leader, an irresistible bait.

That old familiar tug came on my mealy bug my heart began to race

My rod began to quiver; I gave all I could give her with a smile on my face.

Vs. 2:

Gotta tease her just right if I want it nice and tight, could hardly wait to eat her!

Not giving it too much slack; reeling in, pulling back, oh I know she is a keeper.

Thought I’d found her weakness; used all my trade secrets, till my boat began to sway

She yanked hard on my pole & what do you know -the predator became the prey.


She pulled me down; swallowed me whole.

Those moist sweet lips took control.

I will not rise from here below.

Forget ‘bout that fishing; I’m drowning in her kissing!

Vs. 3: 

She took me down below to her warm dark hole with that fine swishing tail!

My grip held firm, she had my worm; that ol’ line didn’t fail!

My heads was a throbbing from the dancing and  bobbin and I found her wanting more.

I was in her habitat; she wasn’t holding back, she is a meat eating carnivore! 

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